Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Rental Management Companies

Q: Why connect to The Vacation Bridge?
A: Our direct line between Software and Online Travel Agencies makes marketing your properties easier. We sync and automate the entire booking process for you.

Q: As a Vacation Rental Management Company, what are the criteria to connect to The Vacation Bridge?
A: As of now, your Property Management Company needs to be using Rental Network Software (RNS) or Virtual Resort Manager (VRM) software. If you are already using RNS or VRM contact your respective software company. If you are not currently using either of these software programs, go to or to inquire about getting started.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?
A: Fill out the Vacation Bridge contact form. A timely response will be sent back to your email address.

Q: Is The Vacation Bridge secure?
A: Yes. Communication is conducted over the open Internet, through a secure channel (HTTPS).

Q: How does The Vacation Bridge support process work?
A: If you are experiencing issues with the functionality between Property Management Software and Online Travel Agency contact your Software Company first.

Q: How do I know if my Property Management Software supports The Vacation Bridge?
A: Contact your Property Management Software vendor to determine if your system can connect to The Vacation Bridge.

Online Travel Agencies

Q: Why partner with The Vacation Bridge?
A: The Vacation Bridge has over 50,000 rental properties available in its database. These properties are spread across 35 states, Canada, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. By connecting to the Bridge you will have access to thousands of properties and potential inquiries.

Q: How does an Online Travel Agency partner with The Vacation Bridge?
A: Fill out the Contact Form or email to receive further information on the partnering process